Chapter History

St. Louis Chapter, NECA HistoryThe St. Louis Chapter, NECA was officially granted its charter in 1940. However, since Thomas Edison’s development of the first successful incandescent lamp in 1879, St. Louis has been filled with pioneering electrical companies. In fact, in 1890 St. Louis hosted one of the first national expositions featuring electric power and lights. It was only one year later, in 1891, that the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) union was founded in St. Louis, developing labor agreements with electrical contractors and linemen. In that pioneering spirit, two electrical contractors Briner Electric (founded in 1897) and Guarantee Electrical (founded in 1902) set out to show the world what electricity could do, at a time when the industry was still in its infancy. They set out, and accomplished, continuous illumination of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair!

Prior to receiving our official charter as NECA St. Louis Chapter, there were several predecessor organizations dating back to the 1890’s. Throughout this 125+ year history, NECA St. Louis Chapter members have not only made sure homeowners, and general and industrial construction, benefitted from their services, they have been integral in building the electrical industry. To this day, NECA St. Louis members exemplify the same pioneering spirit as their forefathers by installing the highest quality, safest and most technologically advanced electrical and communications applications.

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